He’s Just Not That Into You

I’m going to start my Film of the Week list off strong with a mid-2000’s classic that helped countless women, including myself, wake up to the harsh reality of the millennial dating world. I am talking about none other than He’s Just Not That Into You.


I have come to this suggestion after an interesting week-long interaction with a new gentleman friend. We initially met at a New Year’s Eve party and realized that we work in the same building. Cut to a few weeks later- we ran into each other at work and decided to grab coffee later in the week. Heading into the coffee ~meeting~ I was unsure whether we were meeting as professionals or friends, or whether this was a date.

As we began talking, our conversation veered towards personal subjects rather than our work and I felt that je ne sais quoi I usually feel when a date is going well. Upon our departure, he suggested we grab coffee again sometime and I agreed. We began texting regularly and I mustered the courage to ask him out for an after work drink, to which he agreed. I thought we were well on our way to going on a date, until he casually mentioned HIS GIRLFRIEND in a text about his Super Bowl plans. This little detail left me -and my friends- confused. Why would a man in a relationship be texting a new female friend at all hours of the day?

One friend suggested that he might be looking for a way out of his current relationship and reminded me of a mutual friend who’s four year relationship began while one person was still technically in a relationship with someone else. Naturally, I emphatically responded- THAT WAS AN EXCEPTION AND NOT THE RULE. WE ARE NOT THE EXCEPTION, WE ARE THE RULE. It is more than likely that this guy is just looking for a friend and weighing down the situation with romantic expectations is needless and emotional dynamite waiting to detonate.

How did I come to this rational conclusion? The wonderful piece of cinematography that is He’s Just Not That Into You. Slightly differing from the traditional rom-com format, this ensemble film follows a group of individuals navigating the minefield that is dating in the new millennium. Justin Long delivers sage advice on how to tell whether a man is actually interested in pursuing a relationship and Bradley Cooper plays a complete dim-wit who cheats on the striking Jennifer Connelley. Yes, Scarlett Johansson is a total bombshell, but keep it in your pants, Bradley! Ginnifer Goodwin and Drew Barrymore’s confusion about how to navigate the world of dating is spot on with how I feel on a daily basis and Jennifer Aniston and Ben Affleck’s heartwarming storyline about men who insist on wearing cargo shorts is a breath of fresh air.

I’d suggest pairing this film with some salty popcorn, to enhance the saltiness I know many of you must be feeling with men who send mixed signals. If you’re feeling fancy or trying to impress a special someone, I’d suggest adding rosemary and parmesan to this classic. To wash it all down, I’d go full-on Olivia Pope and grab a bottle of red wine. Bon appétit, ladies!

With Love (and frustration),


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