Now that you’ve embarked on my blogging journey, I thought I should lay the groundwork for how I plan to write about the movies, men, and couples comprising my anthropological musings.

The Movies

Sometimes the line between rom-com and chick flick can get blurry so I thought I should outline my own definitions before we begin.

First we have the typical rom-com, which star two attractive young people who fall in love through witty banter and always overcome whatever easily resolved obstacle is thrown their way. I can list dozens of rom-coms here, but I will leave some intrigue for the actual blog. However, to paint a picture of what I’m referring to- some classic rom-coms are Hitch, where Will Smith loses his cool over Eva Mendes, 27 Dresses, where the handsome James Marsden falls for the eternal bridesmaid Katherine Heigl, or the Wedding Planner, where Matthew McConaughey walks away from his beautifully coordinated ceremony for the iconic Jennifer Lopez.

Veering towards the edge of the rom-com genre, we have films that are light hearted at times, but will also leave you with swollen eyes because of whatever tear jerking tragedy is used to move the plot forward. A perfect example of this borderline movie is The Vow, where Rachel McAdams somehow FORGETS THAT SHE MARRIED THE ONE AND ONLY CHANNING TATUM. The movie is filled with upbeat scenes of the couple, but the central theme of the movie is based on the implications of a serious car accident, which leads to some tear-jerking moments. Another great example is Hope Floats, starring the forever gorgeous Sandra Bullock and the handsome songbird Harry Connick Jr. The two make a charming couple with plenty of lighthearted moments, but there are some heart-wrenching scenes with a young glasses-wearing Mae Whitman and her on screen mom, Sandra Bullock.

Moving on, I define chick flicks as romantic dramas. Here we have films like, The Notebook (anything Nicholas Sparks, really), and Sabrina. When I was an impressionable pre-teen, my mom and I watched the 1990’s remake with Harrison Ford and I have been in love with Paris ever since. Sabrina is in no way a rom-com, but is an important work of cinematography nonetheless. And who could make it through the Notebook without shedding a tear? Speaking of tears, PS I Love You also falls into the chick flick category. Gerard Butler plays a lovable and clever Irishman who helps Hillary Swank navigate the journey of becoming a widow. The entire movie is filled with tear-inducing twists that make it the perfect movie for a night in with a glass of wine.

I plan on focusing on rom-coms in my writing, but I’d be lying if I said I won’t mention some chick flicks along the way.

The Men

itsnotokayAs I recant the countless stories that make up my ill-fated romantic history, I will have to talk about the men who contributed to my experiences. However, to protect the identities of my many male suitors, I will be using nicknames for all of my exes. When writing her tell-all book, former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman decided to refer to her exes by numbers, ordered chronologically. When asked about this decision, Andi said she didn’t want to give the men in her life power by referring to them by name. She said that she wanted to tell her story, not theirs. I think this is a wonderful show of the female spirit and I’m taking a page from her book by not referring to my exes by name either.

The Couples

Sometimes I like to take pictures of random people in public, which is completely legal and not super creepy when a young petite woman does it (or so I tell myself). Sometimes I take pictures in passing so I don’t get a chance to talk to the couple, but if I can catch the duo, I’m able to ask their names and strike up a conversation. I will have a mixture of nameless couples and those who I can interrogate in the name of a good blog post.